How do I secure my event date?
To secure your event date and space, you must sign the Parkview Event Center contract and rental agreement and provide the 50% deposit for the space that you are renting.
When do I have to choose the package I want to use?
You must choose the package you want at the 90-day meeting.
When do I need to give my final guest count?
10 business days prior to your event.
Can I decorate the day before my event?
If Parkview does not have an event scheduled the day prior to your event, you may decorate from 9am-5pm at no charge. Parkview staff will confirm ten (10) business days prior to your event if Parkview does or does not have an event scheduled the day prior to your event.
Does Parkview have any decorations on hand?
What are the sizes and amounts of tables that you have?

  • 45 round tables with a 6.5-foot diameter which can seat a maximum of 10 people per table
  • 16 8-foot banquet tables which can seat 4 people on each side and 1 person on the end.
  • 7 cocktail tables with a 30-inch diameter and 42 in height.

How early can we get into Parkview on the day of our event?
8 am.
What time do we have to leave Parkview the night of our event?
11:30 PM will be the last call. At 11:45 the bar will close and then you, your vendors, and your guests have until 1:00 AM to gather your belongings and exit the building.
Can we leave our decorations at Parkview the night of our event and then pick them up the next day?
No, all possessions belonging to the client or any of their vendors must be removed from the property by 1:00 AM, unless other arrangements have been ok’d by Parkview Management.
What color linens and napkins does the event center offer?
We offer black and white table linens & skirting. Table linens include: Circle (120×120), Cocktail (85×85), Rectangle (52×114), Long Rectangle (90×156). There is a variety of napkin colors from which you can choose.
Do you have a preferred catering list?
We do not have a preferred catering list. However, we can provide you with a list of caterers that we have worked with in the past.
Can we bring in our own snacks, cake, punch, etc?
Yes, you can bring in these types of items, but you must have someone in charge of refilling/serving.
Do you provide dishes, silverware, and water service with the meal?
We provide these services when you purchase the Elite Option. With the Elite Option, we also have servers on staff to clear empty plates and fill water pitchers during social hour and dinner.

Can I have a bar and what is the cost?
To have a bar, we require a $150 bar deposit plus $100 gratuity. The $150 will be refunded if bar sales exceed $750 and if the bar and alcohol policies listed in the contract are followed. The refund will be mailed to the Client 30 days following your event in the form of a check.

Does Parkview provide bartenders?
Yes, we do.
Does Parkview provide all of the alcohol?
Yes, the event center provides a full bar, including a variety of beer, wine, and liquor.
How many glasses does one keg fill?

  • Large = 130 16oz glasses
  • Small = 60 16oz glasses

Do you allow alcohol to be brought in?
NO outside alcohol can be brought on the premises. Our alcohol cannot be taken off the premises. If we do not have something on hand that you would like for your event, we would be more than willing to order it in.
Can I have my rehearsal/rehearsal dinner at Parkview Event Center?
Yes, to have your rehearsal/rehearsal dinner at Parkview, you can choose from one of three options:

  • One, if the venue is not booked the day prior to your event, you can have your rehearsal during business hours free of charge (10am-4pm).
  • Two, if the venue has not been booked the day before and you want to do the rehearsal/dinner outside of business hours, you will need to pay an additional $150 per hour you are at the facility. Parkview will not be able to confirm availability for rehearsal outside regular business hours until ten business days prior to your event.
  • Third, you can rent the facility the day before your event to ensure that you can use the space to decorate and to hold your rehearsal.

Can I have my ceremony inside the event center?
Yes, we can set up ceremony seating for an indoor ceremony. To have an indoor ceremony, it is $200.00
Our wedding reception and/or ceremony is at Parkview, is there space for us to get ready there?
Yes, the council room in the city offices may be used as a Bridal Suite.

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